Sony VPL-FH65

  • Laser Light Source Projector
  • 6000 lumens
  • WUXGA (1920 x 1200)
  • HDMI / VGA / RCA / RJ45
  • 13kg
  • W 460 x H 169 x D 515 mm
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The VPL-FH65 is Sony’s next generation of the very successful installation projector solutions. With a brightness of 6000 lumens and 2,000 to 1 contrast ratio the VPL-FH65 offers high performance in demanding applications. The VPL-FH65 employs Sony’s latest in image processing technology ensuring outstanding image quality . The VPL-FH65 comes with a powered zoom lens and with 4 other option lenses to cover a wide range of installation needs. The VPL-FH65 also has a large lens shift range ensuring installations go smoothly. The VPL-FH65 has a full set of input connections including HDMI, DVI and analog RGB with both an analog and digital monitor out. The VPL FH65 also has a standard HDBaseT input for simple one cable connection.

Slim, Attractive, Blend-in Design 
The slim, stylish case design features a flat top surface that blends in discreetly when the projector is ceiling mounted. The clean appearance is accentuated by a new terminal cover that reduces cable clutter.

Crisp, Detail-packed WUXGA Resolution Images 
These projectors deliver an amazing WUXGA resolution (1920 x 1200), which exceeds Full-HD resolution (1920 x 1080). It also allows projection in a wider display range. More information can be displayed on screen, so you can see the whole page without scrolling. Extremely clear and detailed high-quality images are projected, even on a large screen and native Full-HD images can be projected full screen. These ground-breaking projectors are the ultimate tool for projecting images in a range of applications requiring exceptional detail.

Advanced Picture Refinement Technologies
See Extreme Clarity in Every Pixel 

Developed for Sony’s home theater projectors, the Reality Creation function has now been adapted for the VPL-FHZ65, VPL-FHZ60, VPL-FH65 and VPL-FH60. It reproduces the texture and color of the original WUXGA signal by restoring missing information lost during packaging of the original contents to disk and broadcast transmission.

Dynamic Image with High Contrast 
The Contrast Enhancer function automatically adjusts the contrast for optimum viewing. It compensates for dark and bright parts of an image by analyzing the signal component of each scene in real time to enhance contrast.

Hassle-free Automatic Filter Cleaning 
Now you can focus on great-looking images instead of arduous maintenance tasks. A new automated filter cleaning system removes dust every 100 hours.

Blank (Picture Muting) 
The projectors can temporarily disable video signal output. This function can be easily operated with just the touch of a button on the supplied Remote Commander unit. In addition, this function allows blank image projection with low power consumption using light source control technology.

Powered Lens Shift Function 
All of these projectors have a Lens Shift function. Using this function, the position of the projected image can be moved vertically by -32% to +32% and horizontally by -5% to +60%. Images can be easily adjusted to the desired settings during installation. With this exceptional shift range, the projectors can be installed in ways to maximize performance even in the most difficult environments.

Included Powered Standard Zoom Lens Plus Wide Choice of Lens Options 
Installation flexibility is increased by a wide range of compatible lens options to suit virtually any size of room and throw requirement. The quick-release bayonet mount simplifies quick lens exchange.

Simple Installation with HDBaseT 
HDBaseT is a multi-signal transmission system via a single cable, which simplifies the installation task. It cuts total system cost by reducing not just cabling requirements but also the number of required signal extenders and receiver boxes. One Cat5e/6 cable can run up to 100 meters, reducing the number of cable runs and eliminating the need for signal extenders. And fewer signal extenders and receiver boxes mean fewer potential points of failure. In addition, Cat5e/6 cables are much easier to terminate than cables such as HDMI and therefore can be simply and quickly terminated even onsite during the installation process.

Project onto Non-flat Surfaces with Image Warping 
Easily correct image geometry for natural-looking projections, even on convex or concave surfaces. Corner and edge correction can be easily adjusted with the supplied remote and onscreen menu.

Create Supersize Displays with Edge Blending 
Seamlessly join accurately color-matched images from multiple projectors, simplifying the creation of stunning supersize displays for retail, corporate and live event applications.

Super Quiet Operation Noise 
The VPL-FHZ65 and VPL-FHZ60 are industry’s quietest laser-phosphor projector. Low fan noise ensures discreet, unobtrusive operation in quiet environments, from museums and galleries to lecture theaters.

Professional Calibration 
The projectors offer a professional calibration function to adjust the hue, saturation and brightness of each target color to get exactly the picture you want. With this capability, you can tweak the images to perfection.

Picture Mode 
New modes ensure great-looking pictures in any presentation conditions. Select Standard, Dynamic, Brightness Priority or Multi-screen Picture mode for optimized image quality, with any source and in every room.

Simple Setup with Friendly New Installation Menu 
You can use the remote commander to easily adjust projector settings, including warping and edge blending.

Project Side by Side 
Project images from two inputs at the same time-it’s ideal for applications such as video conferencing and medical training where two images need to be seen simultaneously.

Closed Captioning 
Official teletext broadcasting, developed by the NCI, USA

Network and Control 
Controls and monitors projector status Compatible with various control systems.